Helicopter Stories: Letting Imagination Fly

Helicopter at Home

For parents and child minders of children aged 2 to 7

Helicopter at Home is specifically designed for parents and child minders. These sessions normally run in conjunction with a visit to a primary school, nursery or setting, but can be structured to work in any environment.

During the sessions we offer guidance on adapting the approach to work with small numbers of children as well as working with an individual child.

Taster Session: Parents are invited to watch the acting out of their children's stories during a session in their school or setting. This can be scheduled to take place either just before lunch or at the end of the day, to capitalise on the times when parents are picking up their children.

During this taster session parents are offered two follow-up workshops where we train them in using the approach at home.

Session 1 is for parents on their own. Session 2 is for parents and their children.

Session 1:

  • Why are stories important?
  • Celebrating the one word or list story
  • Writing stories and acting them out in paira and threes
  • Homework: Trying it out at home

Session 2:

  • Sharing results of homework
  • Scribing a story from your own child
  • Acting out the stories in small groups
  • Reflection

All participants receive a free book cover and tag to enable them to begin collecting stories from their children immediately.

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