Helicopter Stories Training Opportunity in Bristol

On Wednesday January 11th next year (not as far away as you'd think) Trisha Lee will be running a full day Helicopter Stories Starter Training course in Bristol (also not as far away as you'd think!).

This will be a fully interactive session where Trisha will lead you through the four stages of the approach.

The day is being hosted by Redcliffe Children's centre and for a price of £130 will include refreshments, lunch and a copy of Trisha's UKLA shortlisted book 'Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories'.

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Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories...Shortlisted for award

Exciting news...The UKLA has chosen Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories by Trisha Lee has been shortlisted for ACADEMIC BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD which is a fantastic achievement.

Morag Styles chairs the panel to choose the winner, and this panel has a difficult task ahead to choose from so many impressive titles! The winner will be announced at the UKLA International Conference taking place from 8-10 July 2016, in Bristol.

When Trisha found out this is what she said...I haven't stopped smiling since I opened the email that told me 'Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories' has been shortlisted for the UKLA academic book of the year award. I feel as if I am sitting cross legged on the floor, amongst the Giants of the education world, wondering how did I get here?

Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories book - 20% Off!

Artistic Director, Trisha Lee's much anticipated book is out now. The book outlines the ground-breaking approach to teaching and learning for early years and key stage 1, providing a step-by-step guide for educators looking to implement this innovative method of storytelling: Helicopter Stories.

A practical support guide filled with a wide range of topics, examples and anecdotes, Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories covers every aspect of Paley’s Helicopter Stories and explains how to introduce the approach to the classroom.

 "Trisha Lee plays a magical role in classrooms all over the world," Vivian Gussin Paley writes in the forward. "With only pen, paper and masking tape in hand, she can turn any group of children into an acting company.

“The children become storytellers, actors, and an audience, and their teachers emerge as scribes, narrators and stage managers: the classroom is transformed into the make-believe worlds that children love best." 

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