Exciting news for the Boys Project...

We started the term with a spring in our step when we heard the very exciting news that The Ironmongers' Company, who have supported the Boys Literacy Project for the last 3 years, want to continue to fund the project into its fourth year!

We're so thrilled to be able to develop the project further, allowing us to explore other digital possibilities and innovative ways to engage boys in literacy.

This term the boys are working on a book by Damian Dibben called The History Keepers, which has been recommended to us by Random House Publishers who we’ve partnered with on this project. The boy’s will not only get the opportunity to investigate this brilliant time traveling tale, but they’ll be meeting Damian personally when he comes into the last session this term to celebrate the end of this year’s project!

Take a look at their stories…and why not even comment on them while you’re there?! 

We'd like to extend a big thank you to The Ironmongers' Company for supporting our project, long may it continue!