Helicopter is landing!

A year and a half ago Esmée Fairbairn Foundation funded a robust evaluation of the Helicopter Technique of Storytelling and Story Acting, based on the work of Vivian Gussin Paley...

MakeBelieve Arts then commissioned a team of researchers from the Open University to deliver the evaluation. The team, led by Teresa Cremin, have been busy observing the programme, interviewing teachers and children, and reading through the MakeBelieve Arts Helicopter Archive and now finally, after all this time, the Helicopter Evaluation is ready to launch on Friday 14th June 2013!

We will be celebrating the launch in many different ways:

The 193 page evaluation will be ready to download from our website at 5.30pm on that day.
If you prefer a more summarised version, the Executive Summary will also be available to download from this time.

But that is not all. At MakeBelieve Arts we are great believers in the value of rituals and we plan to mark this occasion with a celebration.

In the afternoon of the 14th June we will launch this report in Chisenhale Primary School, Tower Hamlets. We will be joined at the launch with Boston, USA through a SKYPE link with a Kindergarten classroom who are using storytelling and story acting on a regular basis and are planning to deliver a live Helicopter Technique session across two continents where children from both schools will get the chance to act out stories and share their thoughts on storytelling and story acting.

The link to Boston started in January 2013, when Trisha Lee was invited to work alongside the Boston Listens programme supporting them in the development of their city wide storytelling and story acting programme. At a Boston Listens Seminar Trish shared her thoughts about a number of issues. These were then captured in several video clips. 

As part of the launch we will also be announcing Chisenhale Primary School as our first MakeBelieve Arts Helicopter Technique Centre of Excellence.  We hope to develop more Centres of Excellence over the coming year, where schools that are regularly using storytelling and story acting are able to share the benefits of the approach with neighbouring schools. 

And finally all attendees at the launch will receive an evaluation pack containing case studies, links between the Helicopter Technique and the new EYFS, and an Executive Summary all contained in a beautifully designed folder.

Also if you would like to receive either the evaluation pack, a hard copy of the full report, or just the executive summary, do get in touch. We have limited numbers of these, but we will do our best to send one to you. Alternatively the executive summary and full report are available to download from HERE from 5.30pm on June 14th.