Helicopter Technique Evaluation: The Launch

On Friday 14th June 2013 we launched the Helicopter Technique, Open University Evaluation at Chisenhale Primary School in Tower Hamlets. 

Take a look at this abridged video of the event below:

At MakeBelieve Arts we are great believers in the importance of ritual so the event was a celebration, complete with speeches, demonstrations of the work with children and cake.

The event was a huge success and we received lots of positive feedback from the attendees.

There were speeches from Trisha Lee, MakeBelieve Arts Artistic Director; Linda Pound, MakeBelieve Arts consultant; Teresa Cremin, Professor of Education (Literacy) at the Open University and Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham.

The first ‘Helicopter Technique Centre of Excellence’ plaque was presented by Teresa Cremin who led the OU team in delivering the evaluation and they were all very excited and pleased to become the first centre of excellence. As a Center of Excellence, Chisenhale will continue to deliver weekly Helicopter sessions. They will also be happy to host visits from other schools who are interested in seeing the work.

Alongside demonstrations of the technique, throughout the event, we made history by carrying out the first ever storytelling and story acting session across two continents.  We were joined by Boston, USA through a SKYPE link with a Kindergarten classroom, who are using storytelling and story acting on a regular basis. During this SKYPE session we not only demonstrated how the technique works but how it can engage and connect children, using technology, across the world at the same time. Children from both Chisenhale and Boston acted out stories and one story was read which crossed continents as one of the characters, at Chisenhale, acted out passing treasure to another, in Boston, through the screen...


Once upon a time there was Spiderman and there was Hulk and then Superman came.

And then they found a treasure. Then they put it in the bat cave and then Superman

took the treasure out of the bat cave and gave it to Batman. Batman was taking it

in to the Master. Then the Master gave it to the Queen who

put it in the locker so no-one can get it.


The photo below is from Boston, capturing the moment when this pass was made.


There was laughter, surprise and even tears from the attendees as the cross-country demonstration took place.