Spooky goings-on at Crofton Park Community Library…

As the sun went down on 31st October 2012, the MakeBelieve Arts team gathered, once again, in Crofton Park Community Library for our acclaimed Pumpkin Party.

The party was the second in a series of three seasonally themed events, taking place as part of the partnership between MakeBelieve Arts, Beecroft Garden Primary and Crofton Park Community Library, and it followed the fantastic success of our Olympic themed event at the library in July 2012.   

As the skies darkened, the team busily prepared the 150 pumpkins that had been kindly donated by Sainsbury’s, ensuring that each child had a hollowed-out pumpkin ready to carve upon arrival.

MakeBelieve Arts created a spooky scene, dressing the space with sinister props. We draped cobwebs amongst the bookshelves, hung beastly spiders and set up eerie ornaments, against a backdrop of haunting howls and horrible hollers.

As the clock struck six, members of the Crofton Park community, including pupils and staff from Beecroft Garden Primary and other local schools poured in through the open doors, eager to engage in the selection of spooky activities on offer.

Each child was offered a free pumpkin, on which they could design and carve their own creepy faces, with the help of an adult and child friendly carving tools. The pumpkins were then arranged outside with tea-lights in them; flickering eerily beneath the waning full moon.   

Further festive delights included free hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, and face painting by our fantastically skilled face painter, Polly Thorpe, who transformed eager children into zombies, monsters and creepy dolls, so that the library was overrun by Halloween spooks. 

Our Creative Associate and drama and music specialist, Cathy Walker, set up a camp in a corner of the library; involving community members in an interactive workshop. She staged and taught families how to produce their own shadow puppets, before engaging them in a musical game, in which participants collaborated to create a very real spooky soundscape.

The children then displayed their fancy dress outfits in a parade which took them around the library, and which made for a fantastically freakish finale to an evening of fabulous fun for all the family.

The event was, once again, an overwhelming success and MakeBelieve Arts are looking forward to returning to Crofton Park Community Library for our Christmas Cracker event on Friday 12th December 2012. And we can’t wait to see you there!

Images by MakeBelieve Arts

A special thank you to 

for subsidising the 150 pumpkins