A New Peer Learning Network

re-volution logo

Artistic Director Trisha Lee has recently become part of re.volution, a national peer learning network which aims to radically reconfigure business and organisational development support for arts and culture organisations.

Re.volution is the brainchild of Mission, Models, Money, who worked with industry lead bodies to design the approach. The programme is supported by Arts Council England and Scottish Arts Council.

As a peer, we have committed 3 days per year to help our fellow peers with any challenges they may have with their mission, model or finances, and likewise are able to seek support from them with the challenges of our own.

One of the exciting aspects to re.volution is the online community where peers have the opportunity to post their challenges on the Mission, Model, Money website so that other peers can get in touch and offer their time, support or ideas for solutions.

There is also the opportunity to attend training, meet other leaders from arts organisations across the country, access tons of literature already written around the subject of missions, models or money within arts organisations and take time to solve the age old problem of doing too much with too little and far too often, too alone.