Countdown to MakeBelieve Arts 10th Anniversary begins...

MakeBelieve Arts was born in the bedroom of a flat in Deptford on 02.02.02, so next month turns 10 years old on 02.02.12. 

To celebrate we have compiled a book of MakeBelieve Arts testimonials. From poems to anecdotes, funny recollections to moving memoirs, the MakeBelieve memory book has it all!

We will be posting 10 teasers on our Facebook wall, Twitter, blog and below in the lead-up to the BIG DAY when we will feature the whole book on our website. Check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a new testimonial taster.


"I remember the day I found out I was going to be a brother..."

Callum Sheridan-Lee, son to the Artistic Director, Trisha Lee


"In walk Trish and Isla. Pigtails, stripy socks - fire and dimple smiles. They were here to lead a Helicopter INSET but what they did to me was switch a light on that still burns strong today."

Zoe Mazula - Creative Associate 2003 - 2006


"The name MakeBelieve Arts came to me in the middle of the night with such force I had to get out of bed"

Trisha Lee, Artistic Director and Founder Member


"MakeBelieve Arts has been a source of inspiration, challenge, pleasure and joy for my whole working life".

Mary Watkins, Creative Associate 2006 - Present


"We had immense fun as a team, produced wonderful work and audiences loved small thing!"

David Baird, Musical Director, 2004 - Present


"There are many many more experiences, past and ones to come, that have seen me grow both professionally and personally, that I will carry in my heart forever as a huge part of my own story."

Pippa Taylor, Administrative Director,  2008 - Present


"So we're sharing stories - not just the one of course, that would be impossible, because story is the life blood of MakeBelieve Arts." 

Alice Edwards, Creative Projects Coordinator, 2009 - Present


"MakeBelieve Arts is part of my story. I often frequent those particular pages in my mind and find them full of friendship, challenge, creativity and camaraderie. More than anything, I find them full to the brim with laughter."

  Fiona Campbell, Marketing and Administration Assistant, 2010 - 2011 

"MakeBelieve Arts has been a huge part of my journey as a professional but most importantly as a person!  It has been a wonderful and truly inspiring 10 years.  I feel very blessed to be a part of the MakeBelieve Arts family and I look forward to all the upcoming years of wonderful adventures to follow!"

Deepa Parma, Creative Associate 2004 - 2011


"Who can keep up with the pace and vision of MakeBelieve Arts? In ten short years you have taken the simple notion of children dictating stories to be acted out with classmates, and given the concept a theatrical thrust. In so doing, you have expanded the imaginations of English schoolchildren and their teachers into every corner of school life."

Vivian Gussin Paley, Patron 2002 - Present