‘In the Eyes of the World’

Tanka and Lyric need to find the shiny tree to stop the storm and keep the stories alive. They sent out messages in a bottle to children throughout London, and fortunately one of these was intercepted.

Receiving this call for help, pupils from Duncombe Primary school came to Tanka and Lyric's aid, taking a trip into the unknown world underneath the streets of Waterloo.

By cooking up stories of fairies, giant lions and pirates the children were lead through the maze of rooms into Tanka and Lyric's lost world so they could find the shiny tree.  Telling stories around the camp fire, searching with torches, drawing their creations and acting them out the children explored the space as well as their imaginations.

When they finally found the shiny tree, they gave their stories to make it shine bright and ward off the storm.

"This is not a school trip this is an adventure"
Year 2 pupil

 ‘In the Eyes of the World' was a programme that MakeBelieve Arts delivered as part of the ‘The Biggest Learning Opportunity on Earth' (BigLop) Festival, an innovative London-wide partnership programme exploring the value of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as a learning opportunity for young Londoners.