Lewisham Bridge Year 6 Leaver’s Frightening Show

On the 19th July 2011, Lewisham Bridge Primary was entranced by the bloody story of Frankenstein!

Our Creative Associate, Corinne Micallef gave two Year 6 classes at Lewisham Bridge Primary the task to look at and create a performance of the gothic novel Frankenstein. In their piece, they developed the story into a performance for Key Stage 1, 2 and their friends and family, focusing on themes of rejection and acceptance.

 They split off into: Actors, Dancers, Producers and Designers.  The Actors put together different ideas to make their piece exciting and creative. The Dancers created a dance to ‘Thriller' by Michael Jackson based on the movements from the original video. The Production team created arms, legs, hands and intestines for Frankenstein's bride and created bloody special effects and terrifying costumes. The Design team created the eerie set and backdrop.

Together they combined their ideas to form this frightening performance.  After each day they would come together and present their ideas to each other, layering their ideas to make the whole piece.

After two weeks of hard work, they gave their performance and sang together at the end.  The end of Year 6 was fast approaching and time together would be over.  This was their moment to shine in front of everyone before they left for the beginning of their future at Secondary School.

Good Luck Year 6 and always remember your performance of Frankenstein!

 Written by Pheobe Wagner, BRIT school pupil on her placement with MakeBelieve Arts at the time of this project.