MakeBelieve Arts Blog

Our blog is only a month old but it has already started to take shape and get super-exciting...

MakeBelieve Arts has a sparkly new multi-site blog! What's a multi-site I hear you ask? Well it means we can have lots of different blogs all with different subjects, identities and writers. We already have 3 with 1 more in the pipeline.

Our All About MakeBelieve Arts features news, stories and updates from the team about our programmes and projects.

The Boys Blog is a hub for our Boys Literacy Project and is a place where the boys and their teachers can go and post anything from their favourite films to DIY videos rapping about Maths. It's their chance to be as creative as they like and get it seen and commented on by the whole world. The excitement of seeing someone commenting on their blog was summed up beatifully by one boy - "It was the most exstaticatist thing ever".

We also have a marvellous STEM blog that covers all things science, technology and maths and is currently covering our journey into producing our new Giant Tours - creative approach to science workshops.

Coming soon (in November) is our fabulous storytelling blog - Once Upon A Blog.

So here's to blogging adventures, to getting children, teachers, teaching assistants and workshop leaders communicating and sharing their tales on this online platform. The possibilities of the blog are endless and we are all very excited to see where it may take us.