MakeBelieve Arts - Spring/Summer 2012 Programme

It's not too early to start thinking about next year... plan ahead with a little help from our huge selection of exciting and innovative programmes and projects.

Creative Approaches to Maths

You spoke – we listened! 

New to MakeBelieve Arts and in response to the needs of schools, our Maths one-day workshops give the entire school (FS, KS1 & KS2) the chance to creatively engage with the mathematician in them. You can choose from three exciting and innovative sessions: Giant Maths, Maths Games and Roman Market Maths.

We continue to offer our other Creative Approaches to Maths workshops, working with up to 3 classes in a day.

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Creative Approaches to Literacy

Based on popular, modern and classic texts, our Creative Approaches to Literacy workshops allow for in-depth understanding of plot, subtext, narrative and character. The sessions improve children's speaking and listening skills as well as their confidence and self esteem.

We have a special literacy day to celebrate World Book Day in March next year. Choose your theme for the day and we'll do the rest! There is also a new addition to our 2012 literacy programme - Looking at Language - a creative approach to writing.

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Creative Olympia 2012

 The Story Based Approach

MakeBelieve Arts will devise a unique story to meet the needs and interests of your school using the Olympic values (respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and equality) as key ingredients. Previous Olympic stories include: The Animal Olympics (Foundation and Key Stage 1) and The Biggest Opening Ceremony on Earth! (Key Stage 2)

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Over the Spring and Summer, we are running our ever-popular Helicopter technique in-school sessions for children and teachers in schools and Early Years settings. The workshops and classes develop confidence, curiosity, concentration and communication skills in all children regardless of ability. It also increases turn taking, attention span and speaking and listening skills.

Moving On Up - Transition

Early Years

We work with young children and their parents, using storytelling and drama techniques, to ease the transition from nursery and other Early Years settings to primary school. We have a choice of two innovative workshops for children, a workshop for parents/carers and one for both children and parents/carers together.


Year 6

We provide a variety of in-school theatre and education workshops which examine the fears and hopes of Year 6 pupils as well as exploring some of the myths that exist about secondary school.

We give pupils an opportunity to both celebrate primary school and explore their hopes and fears about secondary well as putting to rest some of the myths that exist!



PPA Cover

Brand New to MakeBelieve Arts. We are now offering an exciting and unique range of Planning, Preparation and Assessment opportunities in Primary schools across London. We will be offering PPA cover on half term, term or year long contracts.


  • Get creative in literacy with drama and story activities

  • Bring a topic to life over a term – a period in history (the Blitz, Victorians, Romans) a topic in Geography (climate change, global community, environment and locality), a theory in science (scientific discovery, life processes, health and well being

  • Focus on the music curriculum with musicians and singers with experience in the industry

  • Incorporate dance and movement into P.E

  • Engage a holistic approach with music, art, drama and dance

  • Enrichment activities during lunchtime or after school