Please sir, can we have some more Dickens?

Today marks the 200th birthday of arguably one of Britain’s greatest and most important writers, Charles Dickens.

At MakeBelieve Arts H.Q we’re celebrating his life not only because of the literary legacy he left behind, but because he championed story and valued  its importance in society. Today MakeBelieve Arts carries the torch which he and other literary visionaries ignited in the minds of children and adults across the world.

We believe the success of Dickens lies in his timeless themes which have captured generations; tales of hardships and heroes, fortunes and friendships, adventure and discovery, set to the ‘bleak’ and unforgiving backdrop of Victorian Britain. Dickens was a master of words; skilfully creating characters who splashed off the pages and into our imaginations.

If you are interested in exploring the works of Dickens creatively with your class then call us on 020 8691 3803, to discuss our Creative Approaches to Literacy sessions.

Here’s to the next 200 years of not only Dickens' stories, but our own.