Second dose of the Ironmongers Boys Literacy Project

Now in its second year, the Boys Literacy Project was re-launched in September 2011.

Over the last term, and continuing for the next two terms, MakeBelieve Arts has been working with a small group of boys from Grinling Gibbons and Tidemill Primary Schools. These boys, from year 3 -5, have been identified as having a low attainment and ability in literacy, and the intention of the project is to boost their enthusiasm, quality of their writing and re-engage them in literacy through using a spectrum of creative approaches and tools.

“It helps me in school because I sometimes struggle with my learning and ideas…and here I always try my best and don’t struggle.” (Year 4 Pupil)

Building upon the pilot project in 2010, this year the programme has gone through many innovations; one of the biggest being the introduction of ‘blogging’. From our own research, and the shift in ICT being incorporated more into children’s education, we were keen to establish blogging alongside using drama and storytelling in our weekly sessions.

“It doesn’t matter that I get the spelling wrong sometimes, I feel confident and I share my ideas on the blog” (Year 5 Pupil)

Over the last term, the boys have been sharing their thoughts, inventions and stories on a global platform using this blog. Their mission was to go global, and since the project started, we have had over 1,500 visits to the site and many comments and contributions; from the USA all the way Australia!      

“I have also enjoyed watching them all grow in confidence, wanting to share there ideas with their peers.  This has also enabled them to build on relationships with each other and within the school setting, as this has also help them to express themselves in a more productive way.” (Teacher)

The project has come to a close for this term, but the boys will be back blogging in the New Year. Without giving too much away, next term the boys will be putting on their quizzical hats as they are launched into a story of GIGANTIC proportions! 

Thank you for following their work, and please keep your eyes peeled for more posts in the New Year.