Transition Takeover

Year 6 Saves the World!

You probably didn't know it, but last week the world was in jeopardy, and our planet was a button away from becoming blown up! Luckily, disaster was adverted not by a superhero but by a group of Year 6 pupils, phew!

Our unexpecting heroes were involved in a week long transition project. MakeBelieve Arts were thrilled to be working in Prendagast Ladywell Fields College, to help the Year 6's with their transition to their new school.

The children had to think fast and keep a cool head, as they were launched into a story - a story which would test their bravery, wit, imagination and team working skills.

A message was beamed onto the big screen from an Alien planet and it became clear that they were unimpressed with how human beings had been treating the Earth and everyone on it. The task was clear; we needed to show the Aliens that Earth is worth saving!

Armed with their task, pupils from 20 Lewisham primary schools took on the challenge of saving the world, with the help of a crack team of MakeBelieve Arts drama, music, art and animation practitioners.

Vessels created, films made, songs composed and heroes identified, the end of the day saw Year 6 presenting their ideas which were beamed up into outer space.

In a nerve wracking wait, Year 6 children bit their nails, anxious to hear their fate... Suddenly the room was filled with cheering when the Alien appeared again on the big screen, raised its thumb and let them know they had saved the world.

We wish these Year 6 unsung heroes the very best of luck with their next adventure; the transition to Secondary School.

Pictures by MakeBelieve Arts
Animation made by the new Year 7 pupils of Prendergast Ladywell Fields College and John Horabin