Hola, Creativity!

MakeBelieve Arts workshops with teachers in Spain

‘It was beneficial to be a student for the day and not a teacher. Even teachers learn.'

                                                          Participant, International School of Madrid

MakeBelieve Arts has recently had the pleasure of working with a group of enthusiastic and talented teachers in Madrid, Spain. This marks another expansion of MakeBelieve Arts' international horizons and was a fantastic experience for all involved.

Trisha Lee (Artistic Director), Alice Edwards (Creative Projects Coordinator) and Ross Bolwell-Williams (Creative Projects Facilitator) jetted off to Spain to work at the International School of Madrid under the invitation of Deputy Head Teacher, Richard Cook. Their purpose: Bringing Learning to Life. Our team provided two days of INSET training focussed on creativity in education - and in the process, brought out an individual sense of play and creativity in the teachers and teaching assistants involved.

The days were jam-packed with interactive workshops in small and large groups. The sessions focussed on imparting the techniques that MakeBelieve Arts utilises on a daily basis to ensure that students are engaged and open to learning and development. Group workshops included Philosophy for Children, Active Participation, Storytelling techniques for Creative Approaches to History, Science and Geography, as well as Emotional Intelligence. Participants got the chance to explore their own creativity and how they could apply that same sense of play, understanding and insight in their classrooms.

‘The two day course was a huge success and greatly enjoyed by all staff. It was a fantastic opportunity to bring the whole school staff together and to share ideas. We are indebted to MakeBelieve Arts for the inspiration and enjoyment they provided.'

Richard Cook, Deputy Head: International School of Madrid

Throughout the INSET sessions, the teachers involved were open and enthusiastic participants with clear dedication to the social, emotional and intellectual development of their pupils. Their desire to learn and further develop their own skills bodes extremely well for the pupils in their care.

MakeBelieve Arts would like to extend thanks to all of the participants who attended the sessions and to richard for inviting us. It was a busy, fulfilling and enjoyable experience!