It's a big step to Big School

Early Years make the move to Primary School at MakeBelieve Arts

We heard them first from a distance. The chattering of tiny voices, squeaking and squealing their way through the windows with the breeze. The patter and stomp of little feet navigating the stairs. The knock on the door. The onslaught. The Early Years had arrived!

The MakeBelieve Arts office was taken over this week. Not a whisper of typing, writing, and calling could be heard as the sounds of 60 Early Years children from Rachel McMillan Nursery enveloped the building. The week was a very important one for them; they were making the transition from nursery to ‘big school'.

The idea of ‘big school', otherwise known as primary school, can be understandably daunting for nursery children. But it's also a time ripe with excitement and the prospect of new friends and new experiences. MakeBelieve Arts recognises this, and offers interactive, fun programmes to help ease this transition. Our Transition Workshops for Foundation Stage use storytelling and role-playing to prepare for the move to primary school. We explore questions such as, ‘What do I need to bring to school?', ‘How do I get to school?', and ‘How will I make new friends?' We explore children's worries, fears and excitement at the thought of going to a new place with new people.

Working with these children to ease their transition from nursery to primary school has been a fantastic experience. With all the ideas, stories, and squeals that this energetic bunch produced over the week, we've no doubt that primary school is going to be an exciting place next year!