My Time With MakeBelieve Arts

Placement student, Bethany, explores her experience

MakeBelieve Arts has had the pleasure of working with Bethany, our placement student, for two weeks in July 2010. We'd like to thank Bethany for all her hard work and enthusiam! 

The day I started my placement I was feeling nervous. What would they think of me? As I came to the front door I saw someone stepping inside. I said calmly "Hello, I'm doing work experience here." Luckily, the person stepping through the door was Fiona, my supervisor. She took me inside and we started chatting right away. That made it easier and less scary than I thought it would be.

Throughout my week I was involved in a lot of events and there were a few experiences that I found really fun and really stuck out for me. Firstly, I really enjoyed MakeBelieve Arts annual Consultation Day. I helped prepare a movie for them and when I saw my work was a success I was very happy. I also liked working on transition projects with two sets of children, one group at the age of 10 - 11 and the other at the ages of 3 - 4.

The workshop I did with the children aged 10 - 11 was I'm a Shipwrecked Year Six ... Get Me Out Of Here! When I first got to the school where the workshop was being held, I felt really unsure about whether I was going to be confident enough to talk to the children. It turned out that I managed to help the children understand different tasks and I had an amazing time. The second workshop I did was the Early Year's transition. This was slightly different because the children were much younger. The best bit of this workshop was when the children went on a big adventure to ‘Big School'. It was lovely to see them hold hands, wave to their nursery and then go through the imaginary gates to ‘Big School'.

I have had many different experiences at MakeBelieve Arts and I have learnt a lot of different skills, such as team work, listening and communication, artistic and computer skills, and many more. I have also grown more confident in myself and I find it easier to talk to people. I have achieved this from handing out leaflets and giving information to people I didn't know, working with lots of new people and improvising in different acting roles.

Finally, I just wanted to say one big thanks to the team at MakeBelieve Arts for looking after me for the past 2 weeks. It has been great!