A nice surprise from Marion Richardson Primary School!

MakeBelieve Arts received a great treat today - a bundle of thank-you letters from Year 1 pupils!

MakeBelieve Arts had a fantastic experience in Marion Richardson Primary School in Tower Hamlets last week. Our Creative Project Facilitators, Ross and Nathaniel, delivered Creative Approaches to Geography workshops for the Year 1 pupils and it was an experience they won't soon forget! The Year 1s were so willing and open to explore their creativity, adventuring through deserts, climbing mountains, roaring with lions and shivering with polar bears. 

Much to our delight, a package arrived in the post today bearing handwritten thank-you letters from the pupils we worked with. We'd like to extend a big THANK YOU to the pupils and teachers of Marion Richardson Primary School for their enthusiasm and creativity! What a fantastic surprise, particularly in light of the news that only a small percentage UK children have ever received, or written, a handwritten letter.

We hope you enjoy a sample of the letters and drawings we received this week. One of our favourite quotes: 'You are the best mans ever in the world.' Lovely!