Sense a story, find a story, catch it in your hand…World Book Day 2010

...Breathe the story, store the story, spread it through the land! World Book Day 2010 is upon us!

In the words of The Woman Who Cooked Everything, finding stories and sharing them with others is what life is all about. With so many primary and secondary schools celebrating World Book Day on the 4th of March this week, MakeBelieve Arts thinks it's only fitting that all of us remember the importance of storytelling and bringing literacy to life!

What was MakeBelieve Arts doing during World Book Day 2010? We were working in primary schools across London to breathe life into literacy, storytelling and character development.

Our workshop leaders were kept busy delivering a series of workshops to St Michael's CofE Primary School in Lewisham. Children from Years 1, 2 3 and 4, spent the day in taster workshops, dipping their toes into character work, drama techniques, and creative approaches to literacy. The children created a brilliant atmosphere for the occasion by dressing up as their favourite book characters - their enthusiasm throughout the day was great to see. 

We also had a fantastic day in Chisenhale Primary School in Tower Hamlets, delving into the much-loved world of The Gruffalo. Our workshop leaders introduced the story to reception children, igniting their imaginations and bringing the story to life in vivid interactive workshops. In the words of one wide-eyed pupil, ‘Shh! Watch out! The Gruffalo is coming!'   

© Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler 1999
Published by Macmillan Children's Books

MakeBelieve Arts firmly believes in the power of storytelling!