MakeBelieve Arts Across the World in 2014

From 26th April until 22nd November 2014, Trisha Lee will be touring the world in search of knowledge and adventure.

We are currently working out the itinery for each place and are interested in your suggestions and thoughts…

The purpose of the trip:

  • To visit places of creativity and best practice in the field of education, with a particular focus on early years and primary education and a little bit on secondary, learning about the programmes on offer
  • To explore innovation in the use of creative approaches and technology within schools and settings across the world
  • To discover the types of theatre and education practices in different countries
  • To find out where story and education come together
  • To share the creative education work of MakeBelieve Arts and to expand our reach globally


Dates and Locations in 2014:

South Africa    ArriveCape Town April 26th    Depart 28th May

Hong Kong      Arrive 29th May                     Depart 14th June

Vietnam          Arrive Hanoi 14th June           Depart  Ho Chi Minh 5th July

Australia         Arrive Melbourne 6th July        Depart 26th July

New Zealand   Arrive  Christchurch 26th July    Depart  Auckland 19th August

Fiji                 Arrive 19th August                  Depart 30th August

USA               ArriveLA 30th August              DepartNew York 22nd November


The routes through Vietnam, New Zealand and the USA are still being planned based on the discoveries we make over the coming months.


About MakeBelieve Arts:


MakeBelieve Arts philosophy is to re-imagine learning...

At MakeBelieve Arts we believe in the power of story to re-engage children with learning. This is based upon our understanding of the pioneering work of Vivian Gussin Paley through her storytelling curriculum and of our experience over the past 10 years delivering programmes that incorporate a narrative framework.

Kendal Haven in his book Story Proof discusses how, for over 100,000 year, humans have relied on story structure to communicate key facts, beliefs and attitudes. By gathering evidence from 16 fields of scientific research, Haven draws the conclusion that this has evolutionarily rewired the human brain to automatically think, understand and remember through stories.

At MakeBelieve Arts we have seen firsthand the value of narrative to enable children to both problem find and problem solve, to understand and evaluate their experiences from a new perspective and to develop their creativity, imagination and belief in the importance of their own thoughts and fantasies.

Kieran Egan in his book Teaching as Storytelling purports that you can teach anything through story, even mathematics. This was the challenge that drove MakeBelieve Arts to begin developing narrative mathematics programmes in 2003, and that has influenced the direction of the company exponentially ever since.

Across 5 strands and 12 programmes of work, MakeBelieve Arts has developed innovative ways to incorporate stories for learning in a number of different areas.

Our Strands:

  • Helicopter Technique based on the work of Vivian Gussin Paley
  • Creative Approaches to the Curriculum
  • Moving On Up, facing the challenges of transition
  • In Your Own Time, participatory theatre programmes
  • First Theatre, a positive first theatre experience in schools and community centres


About Trisha Lee:

Trisha is the Artistic Director and founder of MakeBelieve Arts. She was also a UK Cabinet Office appointed Social Enterprise Ambassador from 2007 -2010.

Trisha pioneered the Helicopter Technique of Storytelling and Story Acing based on the work of Vivian Gussin Paley in early years settings throughout the UK. She has presented at conferences both nationally and internationally.

She has co-written numerous publications including Teaching Mathematics Creatively with Linda Pound.

Trish is a Fellow of the Royal Society for encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).