Early Years Transition

Working with parents and children to support the move to Big School

Your sessions are definitely a highlight of our transition programme, and one we look forward to.

— Manager, Children's Centre, London

The move to primary school is  one of the biggest changes young children will have to face. How well children adjust to the challenges of a new environment can have an impact on their learning in school.  It is crucial that both parents and children feel secure so that the children are able to continue to develop and learn effectively. 

MakeBelieve Arts considers the unique child during the transition, by building an enabling environment where their individual needs are met.
MakeBelieve Arts has three programmes that can be delivered individually or all together as a comprehensive package:

Just how big is big school?

For Children

MakeBelieve Arts offers two participatory workshops where children will explore their concerns of making the move to big school. 
Using story techniques, MakeBelieve Arts encourage and engage the children, leaving them feeling excited about the changes that moving on up to school bring.
The Feeling Detectives
A large part of coping with the changes of starting school is learning to deal with your own emotions and recognising the feelings of others. This workshop gives children the chance to become ‘Feeling Detectives’ - making them more aware of that essential emotional language.

Preparing for Big School
Using drama and storytelling, MakeBelieve Arts will re-enact the first day of school. From packing a bag to making new friends, we will work with the children until they are fully prepared so they can start to get excited about the move.

Cost: £300 per workshop, with up to 2 classes
Each session is 1 hour long.


Help make the move 

For Parents/Carers

A successful transition requires involvement from parents as well as children in order to offer that essential support at home.
MakeBelieve Arts offers practical advice and support, as well as encouraging parents to enter into dialogue around their feelings about their child moving to the new school. 
Cost: £200 per session
Each session is 1 hour—1 ½ hours in length.


Making the move together

For Children and Parents/Carers

Children and parents explore together the hopes and fears of the forthcoming move. Telling stories, imagining characters and acting out scenarios, they work together to begin their new journey and develop positive perceptions of school.
Cost: £200 per session
Each session is 1 hour—1 ½ hours in length.


Watch our short video below to get an insight into our Early Years Transition workshops.