Year 7 Transition Workshops

Induction and start of term programmes to help ease the transition to secondary school

As I didn’t come from the same school as other people did, I was nervous, but now we all work together.
— Year 7 Pupil

Transition to secondary school is one of the hardest, most significant and overwhelming challenges that young people have to face and can not only affect the pupils, but the teachers and families alike. 

MakeBelieve Arts programmes help to ease this transition and significantly build confidence, while also addressing the social and emotional aspects associated with moving. 

MakeBelieve Arts’ engagement with transition over the past twelve years has given us a strong understanding of what pupils and schools need, to support this more.

Choose from:


A half or full day Summer induction

Imagine you are on a boat and it crashes onto an unknown and unfamiliar island. You start to discover that other boats have crashed there too, but you don’t know these people and they don’t know you.

MakeBelieve Arts will transform your secondary school into an undiscovered island for the day, turning your new Year 7s into enterprising explorers where they form new friendships, teams and island laws in order to survive. 


Head Start

A half day, beginning of Autumn term workshop 

Give us the class until midday and we’ll hand you back the team.

This is an essential workshop for your new Year 7s as we build a safe, fun and friendly environment for them to settle into. Watch them transform into a team in just one morning.

This was truly excellent…the students all engaged and the sessions were so motivating. This is now a cornerstone of our induction programme.
— Deputy Headteacher

Cost: £375 per form group


Head Start Plus

Weekly, half day, Autumn term nurture group sessions

Pupils can often struggle to make the jump from primary to secondary education. MakeBelieve Arts provides additional and ongoing behavioural, social and emotional support. Tailored to your pupil’s needs, the workshops support students to avoid the danger of falling behind in this crucial first term. 
Cost: £400 per week, recommended for a minimum of 3 weeks


All costs, are plus travel and accommodation, for our practitioners, if required.

It was really inspiring seeing the Year 7s working so well together.
— Teacher