Welcome to MakeBelieve Arts


MakeBelieve Arts is a theatre and education company, offering innovative, high quality programmes to develop the creative, emotional and cognitive potential of children and young people from early years settings and primary schools across the UK.


We believe in the power of story to re-engage children with learning and have seen first-hand the value of narrative in problem finding and problem solving, helping children to understand and evaluate their experiences from new perspectives.

At MakeBelieve Arts we believe we can fundamentally change the way children engage with learning through creative education, en-skilling them to cope within an increasingly complex world. 



To deliver innovative programmes, absorbing participants in creating stories that explain the concepts and captivate imaginations.

To act restoratively with everyone we work with, empowering them to resolve conflict cooperatively.

To support children to cultivate the social and emotional skills necessary to engage with the challenges of the 21st century.