Certified Centres Of Excellence

Chisenhale Primary School

Chisenhale Primary was our first Centre of Excellence gaining their status back in 2012. They regularly use Helicopter Stories right through the Early Years, Foundation Stage and Year 1. Bonnie Mendoza and her deputy William Clark qualified to deliver Helicopter Stories training in March 2016 and have already run their first training day which was so popular that they had to create a waiting list for the next training day.

Kemsley Primary Academy

Vicky Franks is Early Years Lead at Kemsley Primary Academy and has been pioneering Helicopter Stories there since 2013. The whole of the Early Years and Foundation stage practice the approach on a regular basis and now Vicky is training the staff in Year 1. They invite parents to watch their stories being acting out on a regularly basis. Kemsley Primary Academy became a Centre of Excellence in 2014 with Vicky qualifying as a Helicopter Champion              in March 2016.

Stifford Clays Primary

Harli Green, Early Years Lead at Stifford Clays Primary began her training in Helicopter Stories in 2013. MakeBelieve Arts worked extensively with the Nursery children also introducing the approach to their two year olds. Harli trained the rest of her staff in the Foundation Stage and it used in all classes every week. Stifford Clays became a Centre of Excellence in 2014 with Harli becoming a Helicopter Champion in March 2016; she has already run two very successful training days.

Northfleet Nursery

Northfleet Nursery began their Helicopter Stories journey back in 2012 they were committed straight away to the approach due to the instantaneous effects they witnessed on speech, language and communication for the children in their nursery. They have been regularly using the approach across all rooms and Sheba Ahmed qualifies as a Helicopter Champion in March 2016 and now is able to offer training to other schools and settings


Ash Grove Academy

Ash Grove Academy in Macclesfield, Cheshire, are our newest Centre Of Excellence. Their mission statement is 'Aspire'. Their ethos is simply to improve outcomes for all young people, especially those from challenging circumstances. Ash Grove believe that children learn in a positive, encouraging, safe and secure atmosphere. To this end, Sally Veale as champion and Megan Dixon as her deputy have fully embraced Helicopter Stories and as of February 2017 are now a Certified Centre of Excellence.

Interested in becoming a Helicopter Certified Centre of Excellence?