The why, what, where and whom of MakeBelieve Arts

MakeBelieve Arts is a theatre and education charity and social enterprise, offering innovative, high quality programmes to develop the holistic, creative, emotional and cognitive potential of children and young people from Early Years settings and Primary Schools across the UK.

Groups like MakeBelieve Arts have a vital role to play in helping us put children first in our borough.
— Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham

Moving from theatre in education to theatre and education, we work with children, their teachers and their families, in schools and a variety of settings outside the classroom, using our knowledge of how children learn to make our programmes exciting, relevant and effective.  

We have two strands of work: Helicopter Stories for Foundation Stage - Key Stage 1 and First Theatre which we tour to primary schools yearly. We also deliver training and keynotes in both Creative Mathematics, Creative Literacy and Helicopter Stories.

All of our programmes are underpinned by a belief in the creative potential of all children, and a desire to nurture that creativity regardless of the economic circumstances of a child and their family. To find out more about the philosophy behind our work CLICK HERE.

MakeBelieve Arts was founded by Trisha Lee (Artistic Director) in February 2002 to provide creative programmes and theatre work in schools.  In March 2004 MakeBelieve Arts was registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee, and in March 2006, the organisation became a Registered Charity.

We have offices in Kent and Wiltshire and deliver programs country wide establishing ourselves as a high quality provider of services across all counties. We have also expanded our reach visiting schools in Spain (Madrid), Qatar (city centre), Boston, New York, New Zealand and Vietnam.

As a Social Enterprise we generate income from a variety of sources.  We charge for our services but we strive to make our work affordable to all, by charging modest fees to schools and/or individuals, supporting the true cost of our work through fundraising and sponsorship.  Any profits made are re-invested back into the business to support the work we do.

From 2007 - 10, Trisha Lee was a Cabinet Office appointed Social Enterprise Ambassador, to promote the growth of social enterprises nationally and is particularly interested in how the Arts can flourish as social enterprises.

MakeBelieve Arts is governed by a Board of Directors who are also Trustees of the Charity, each chosen because of their specialist knowledge.  Alongside Trisha Lee is a small, dedicated core team and our Creative Associates, a pool of freelance artists and workshop leaders who deliver our artistic programme.  

We are a Restorative Approaches company and a member of the Independent Theatre Company (ITC).

If you book with MakeBelieve Arts and would like to see our public liability insurance and risk assessments, please contact us or ask when booking.

Registered Company Number:  5087027

Registered Charity Number:  1113312

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