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Dycorts School

Settle Road, Romford, London RM3 9YA

Champion - Nadine Jones


Dycorts School is a day special school for children aged 4 - 16 years. Children are provided with an appropriately paced and differentiated curriculum. Dycorts School is a member of the Hornbeam Academy Trust (HAT) family of schools.

In Dycorts School, the pupils’ identified needs are typically complex and significant in the area of cognition and learning (severe learning difficulties or profound and multiple learning difficulties) as described in the SEN Code of Practice. Students may also have associated needs in the areas of emotional/social and communication and interaction (autistic spectrum disorder and/or speech and language difficulties). In addition, students may have sensory or physical disabilities.

The 2016-17 cohort of students at Dycorts School has the following categories of needs:

·       Cognition and learning - 61%

·       Communication and interaction - 25%

·       Social, emotional and mental health needs - 5%

·       Physical and/or sensory - 9%

Focusing on the variety of ways that the children in her class could tell stories, Nadine Jones – Reception and KS1 class teacher, embarked on her Helicopter Stories training in 2016. The children fully engage with Helicopter Stories and Nadine has seen them progress significantly in their storytelling but also their ability to connect and play with each other.

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Dycorts School are a fully qualified Helicopter Stories Certified Training Centre licensed to deliver full day training and coffee mornings.

Upcoming Training - Coffee Morning - Wednesday 13th June 2018 - to book please contact them at -                                            contact@dycorts.havering.sch.uk

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