Pembury House Nursery School

Lansdowne Road, Tottenham, London N17 9XE

Helicopter Stories Champion: Ilkay Demiralay


Quote from OFSTED inspection of Pembury House in May 2017, during which they were graded as Outstanding.

‘New approaches to literacy sessions have also improved children’s knowledge and understanding. For example, ‘helicopter story’ sessions help children understand the structure and sequence of stories before they invent their own story, dictate it to an adult and act it out. As a result, children are more confident in narrating stories and using their imagination.’

Pembury House Nursery School is split over two sites and children are divided into the under threes on one and over threes on the other. There is also a Children’s Centre. Children attend on a flexible part-time basis, mornings, afternoons or full days. Just over half of the current cohort are eligible for the Early Years pupil premium. Two thirds of children speak English as an additional language. About a third of children have special educational needs and/or disabilities.


Pembury House became a Centre of Excellence in 2017 and are our first school to offer training for the under threes. Helicopter Stories has been a perfect match for Pembury House with many of the children needing additional support for their communication and language needs. Practitioners report an increase in confidence and willingness to communicate since the implementation of Helicopter Stories. The school’s belief is that children learn best through play, first-hand experience and meaningful conversation and use Helicopter Stories extensively.

Pembury House Nursery School are a fully qualified Helicopter Stories Certified Training Centre licensed to deliver full day training and coffee mornings.

Upcoming Training -

morning coffee workshops: To book please contact -     

Dates :

12th March 2019 Coffee morning 09:30-11:30

7th May 2019 Coffee morning 09:30-11:30

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