First Theatre

A positive first experience of theatre for children, young people and their families

What is the First Theatre experience?

MakeBelieve Arts believes it is essential that children and their families should get a positive, dynamic and qualitative first experience of theatre from a young age. First Theatre is more than just showing; it’s about an immersive learning experience which embodies:

  • High production values
  • Intimate audience ratio
  • Audience interaction (from the smallest of children to the tallest of adults, this story needs you!)
  • Creative play
  • Imagination 
I’ve never seen a group of children of this age captivated for such a long time
— Teacher, Swindon

Our First Theatre tours take place at set times, in set locations. Our science show 'Journey To The Centre Of The Brain' will be on tour tin he South West of England and Guernsey during September and October 2016. If you are interested in us coming to your school or area with a future show please contact us to express your interest.

MakeBelieve Arts has been touring First Theatre shows across the country and into schools since 2004. All our shows are rooted in the National Curriculum, whether they are exploring maths and measurement in Gulliver's Travels, to the inside of our bodies in Giant Tours or exploring storytelling in The Woman Who Cooked Everything.

Our shows are energetic and engaging, participative and playful, educational and entertaining. We are committed to bringing a unique First Theatre experience with limitless imagination to your school hall.

Previous shows:

The Lorax, 2004 - a show about the environment
Gulliver's Travels, 2006 & 2009 - a show about mathematics
Every Family Matters, 2007 - a show for parents
The Woman Who Cooked Everything, 2008 & 2009- a show about literacy and storytelling
Giant Tours, 2012- an interactive science show
Journey to the Centre of the Brain, 2014 - an show about the brain and how we learn
Perchance to Dream, 2015 - an adventure into the science of sleep
Revival - Journey to the Centre of the Brain, 2016 - the restaging of our brain show, accompanied by a new, free web-resource -

Evaluation by Ben Gammon of Journey To The Centre Of The Brain, and the website World Inside Me, and the accompanying films.