Giant Tours

The Trip of a Lifetime

When a little girl gets sick it can be a very messy business, especially when that little girl is also a giant.

Giant Tours excited and engaged children from Year 2 to Year 5, learning about the body and how it works. 

Imagine a real life giant coming to visit your school and talking to your children about what life is like in Giant Land.

The children are in the hall. The Doctor has arrived. The tension is phenomenal.

But then our tour manager dashes in to announce that our giant star of the show is doubled up in pain!

Why is our little giant feeling so poorly? And can the children find a way to make her feel better before her angry giant parents turn up demanding answers?

All these questions and so much more were answered in MakeBelieve Arts theatre and education interactive science show, which toured to schools across the UK in Autumn 2012. 

Please view the trailer below to get a taster of the show:

Images by Lulu at The Dzine Partnership and video by Dan Farrell