Perchance to Dream Image

In days gone by, people believed that dreams were filled with clues about the future. Freud suggested they revealed our secret desires. But what really happens when we close our eyes at night?

MakeBelieve Arts are back and this time we are focusing on the science of sleep. Using a mixture of songs, narrative and scientific facts we will take children on a journey to the world of the unconscious and discover the importance of sleep on our waking lives. 

Recognising that children learn in different ways, our shows are carefully researched and designed using a wide range of techniques to teach children in a way that is exciting and memorable.

Photos by Gareth Fient (

The very best performance I’ve seen in schools in 25 years!
— Teacher from past performance, London

Perchance to Dream toured to primary schools in the Autumn 2015 in London, Kent, Bristol and Newcastle.

This show is blowing my mind
— Year 4 Pupil from previous performance, Bristol