Every Family Matters

A show for parents whose children are about to start, or move, schools

This was so relevant to me and my son, I had to go and bring him into the show, just so he could see how I feel every morning as we get ready for school.
— Parent, London

In this show, MakeBelieve Arts raised issues about parenting and, through a series of scenarios, posed questions about some of the difficulties and emotions parents might face when their child starts school.

After the show, the actors invited the audience to discuss the issues raised and then they were given the chance to come up and change some of the actions and suggest ways that the characters in the story might be able to make their situations easier.

We should have more events like this. It really made me think.
— Parent, London

 The audience could try out solutions to questions such as:

  • What happens when you allow your child to stay up late or they refuse to go to bed at all?
  • How can you help your child with school work when you don't feel that confident about it yourself?
MakeBelieve Arts presentation got me talking with other parents. I need to talk; being a single parent can be so lonely.
— Parent, London
  • Get parents talking to each other about how they really feel
  • Get them involved in acting out solutions to problems
  • See parents debating their views in an animated manner