Journey to the Centre of the Brain

An exploration of the brain in epic proportions and it's touring again!

Journey to the Centre of the Brain toured to primary schools in Kent, Swindon, Bristol, Essex and London in Spring 2014 and again in Spring 2016 to schools in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Milton Keynes.

For Autumn 2016 Journey To The Centre Of The Brain is touring around the South West. Starting in September it will journey its way through Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Guernsey. Contact us to find out where, when and whether you can book it for your school.

Journey to the Centre of the Brain tells the story of a 9 year old boy on the night before the BIG test. He is anxious and aware that he has not prepared, unable to sleep he finds himself falling inside his own brain and begins a journey through his Neo Cortex, Hippocampus and Cerebellum to discover exactly how he learns and why he is feeling so anxious.

New FREE web resource accompanying Journey to the Centre of the Brain - an exploration of the brain in epic proportions

This new web resource features films that take you further into learning about the brain and is now available for all pupils and teachers to watch and enjoy.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen
— Year 3 pupil, Kent

Watch this short abridged film for a taster of the show:

Photos and Video by Masquerade Picture Company

The children thoroughly enjoyed this performance. They were absolutely captivated. The play reinforced many key areas of learning, including ‘Evolution’ from the new curriculum. It was challenging subject matter made explicit. The children were all engaged, at their level of understanding. And it’s not just the children, I’ve learnt a lot about my brain today.
— Year 5 Teacher, London

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